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Hi, I’m Rich Cruz, and I decided recently to create a new website and show you just how I did it. Then, I challenged myself to document all of what I’m doing in blogs and videos so that you can have some reference materials to show you all of the step I take with my clients to put their business online. We’ll see how it goes together.

Who Is This Guy?

I’m a marketing professional in the Chicago area. In my career, I’ve been the marketing director for several organizations over the last few years. I also consult businesses and non-profits of various sizes and industries on how to better their digital marketing.

Rich Cruz Digital Marketer

Why Am I Doing This?

Over the years, I’ve had a few interests… largely having to do with entrepreneurship, with art, and with music. I follow several YouTubers and industry experts who share their craft freely and honestly, and I’ve learned a lot from them. Yes, I received a great deal of value for free, but I also have supported them by purchasing things from them such as courses, lessons, books, and products. A few of my online heroes include:

  • Adam Gussow, a harmonica teacher and virtuoso and English professor
  • Jon Gindick, the man who first taught me harmonica
  • Drumeo, a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching people to play the drums at varying levels
  • Marty Schwartz, a guitar teacher who daily dedicates time to teaching some element of playing the guitar
  • Ron Stefanski of OneHourProfessor, a blogger who makes a living publishing content to his sites and documenting his successes and failures
  • Michael Angelo Caruso, a speaker and coach helping people to become better speakers and salespeople
  • Jean Kuhn, a franchise-owner-turned-business-coach who has been a coach to me for several years.

And, there are many more. These online personalities aren’t just talking heads on the screen… they are industry experts in their respective fields who decided to, “give it all away” and share with the world what they know freely and honestly.

So, that’s what I want to do for you. Together, through a series of videos, we’re going to build this website. After that, I plan on a short series of videos and blogs pertaining to the following topics:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital ads
  • Getting found online
Digital marketing blog

What Can You Expect?

You can comb through this website and find the blogs I’m posting about digital marketing and how you can create a WordPress website and promote your business using that and a few other tools which are available online. I sincerely hope that my videos can be a bit of a knowledgebase for you in your quest to build a better digital footprint.

But, you can also expect a little bit of shameless self promotion. After all, I do have my own consulting firm, and I’m happy to help you to bring it all together to make something really great happen for your organization. I’m here in case you get stuck, have questions, want someone to train your in-house team, or want someone to just do it for you.

Contact Me Today

If you’ve watched the videos, or, even if your haven’t, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Complete the form on this page, and I’ll be in touch with you very quickly. As a fellow business owner and kindred spirit, I want you to succeed, and, by doing so, we can achieve successes together.

Let build something great together!