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Why Does This Website Exist?

This website, Build My Digital Business, is a DBA for Greater Chicago Consulting, Inc. which was founded by me, Rich Cruz. The reason why I chose to start Build My Digital Business is that, throughout my years as a digital marketing consultant for dozens of companies of various sizes and industries, I found myself repeatedly showing my clients or their teams how to maintain their websites. I also find that many of them ask me questions including:

  • Why does it takes some time to get things done?
  • How many pages should my site be?
  • How do you post a blog again?
  • Why should I care about SEO?
  • What do you do for my company?

So, to kinda demystify what I do and how I do it, I figured that it would be best to just “give it all away;” to open the hood and show the engine that makes my business run. I’m sure that I’ll have people tell me that I wrong, or that I could be doing something better, or that I’m crazy for doing this because I’ll lose business.

For me, that’s okay. I’m comfortable with this decision.

Why Show You How to Do Your Own Digital Marketing?

First, If I can show business owners and their teams how they can more effectively:

  • make new websites
  • send great emails
  • use social media
  • set up their online presence with on-page and off-site SEO
  • do some advertising on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

I feel I’ll be able to help my fellow managers and business owners to grow their business, serve more people, and get the economy in a great place. Look, I’ve been in your place… I once owned a sign company and I hired people to build my website. If I knew then what to look at when hiring someone, I likely wouldn’t have had to learn how to do it myself to get the job done right!

Second, I’m confident that I’ll put all of this out here and someone will ask me to just do the work for them. I’m totally cool with that too, of course. Business owners should work ON their business, not necessarily IN their business. Delegating tasks to internal of external help is just smart business. I work with executives, managers, and business owners on several different levels to help them achieve greatness with their online marketing:

  1. I can help map out a plan of attack tailored to the business.
  2. I can do SOME of the work, train teams to do that same work, and act as support for ongoing projects and operations (I love doing this kind of thing, BTW!).
  3. Finally, I can get it all done for you creating every stitch of your business’ digital footprint and maintaining it.

It really depends on what you want.

A Little About Rich Cruz

Just so you know who I am… I’m a Chicago native living in the Southwest Suburbs with my wife and three kids, our little dog Pixie, and our Giant Day Gecko Yoda. I’ve been a marketing director for various companies for over seven years, I’ve been in marketing leadership positions since 2001, and I’ve been consulting businesses in their marketing projects and operations since March 2005.  

You can look a portfolio of some of my work at www.richcruzchicago.com.

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Let’s Get Started

To get started, let’s set up a time to meet. Use my Calendly link on this page to set up a time for us to talk. I’m confident that we’ll have a great discussion, learn a lot about each other, and get you closer to solving your digital marketing problems!